What we want to do in life, be it work or leisure, is often set aside because of obligation to what we have to do. A perfect example is obviously school, a rite of passage we all go through in order to become informed and passionate about what shapes our history, our culture, and our world. We accomplish this through the guidance and encouragement of teachers, who provide us with understanding and the tools necessary to engage in critical thought through assigned objectives and work.
Though students are surely aware of the importance of school and the part the faculty plays in their education, there can be a sense of animosity between students and educators, leading to anything from miscommunication to conflict. It can make school a divisive, unappealing place more akin to a daycare at best, and a prison at worst.
But student-educator relations are the nexus of the entire academic experience, and in recent years, people have begun turning to the education of STEM programs not only to increase American presence in those fields but for educators to engage students in practical, groundbreaking studies that can allow for students to enjoy more fulfilled, well rounded development. One pursuit of such education is through the R4STEM, or Robots 4 STEM, program.
A concept that has been around for years, STEM is an acronym for the fields of “science, technology, engineering and math.” Often, students are quick to judge traditional science and math courses as tedious, even boring. With Robots4STEM and its robot creation Jett, along with the visual programming language tool JettLingo, students are given real world, interactive study tools and applications by which they can be introduced to these pillars of civilization, learning to embrace, respect and study them for the essential building blocks of human life that they truly are.
JettLingo is a tremendous tool for introducing computer coding to students across the nation, taking advantage of the current and ever growing job market that would be made open and available to students with such knowledge. By merging science and math as symbiotic concepts through Jett as a teaching tool, Robots4STEM is making great strides to advance national promotion of STEM courses and technological progress. Jett, however, is but a mere means to that end.
Though a new and exciting tool Jett can never fully replace the empathy, compassion and nurturing nature of our educators and school faculty and by reaching out to students through STEM classes, keenly aware of their vitality and significance to our future, teachers are creating the foundations for promising growth to ensure that future is a bright one for all students. Because a future is not only what we have to work toward; it’s something we all want to look forward to.
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