Have a child (or know of one) from fourth to eighth grade who’s interested in robots and STEM but not sure where to go to help expand their interest? In Temple, Texas Robots 4 Stem Camp can help provide more information for both interested children and their parents on July 5-14, July 17-28, and July 31 to August 11. The camp is sponsored by The Learning Research Center, a business opened by Cindy Swain and her husband. When speaking about the camp to she stated, “This is a pilot here in Texas. Both my husband and I have a background in education. We’ve been looking for this kind of opportunity to go with our testing center.”

The Robots 4 Stem Camp range in cost from $320 for a half day in the first half of July, and $640 for a full day, to $400 for a half day in August and $800 for a full day in the second July session. All of these sessions break down to about $10/hour, and with the rising demand in STEM related job fields, it’s easy to see this camp as a wise investment. The camps will be using Jett, a robot from RoboKind, to help teach students about coding and other STEM concepts. This is accomplished by using a visual block type coding that’s dragged and dropped to build command sequences for Jett to follow. This makes it easy for even newcomers to learn and increase their skills in coding. Children attending the camp will also see improvements in their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as an increase in creativity. These hidden benefits will help students in further studies outside the camp when they return to school in the fall.

For parties interested in more information before signing up can visit https://code-rangers.com/