Manor ISD, a small community just east of Austin, Texas, has adopted a unique approach for their Summer STEM program. Partnering with Robokind, a Dallas technology company, Manor used Jett, an advanced robot, to teach children in the STEM Summer Camp about coding.

Robots4Autism is recognized as an industry leader in the implementation of robotic technology to help students, particularly those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Milo, the robot, is a highly advanced robot designed to interact with children who have been diagnosed with autism. The heart of Robokind, and mission of Robots4Autism, is to help all children, and they have leveraged the success of Milo to create a unique and fun education platform to teach children coding.

In addition to the robot, RoboKind designed a virtual environment to support and expand Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs beyond the classroom. Students can program Jett using JettLingo, a drag-and-drop block style visual coding language, to talk and move. Robots4STEM includes a fully developed curriculum to help schools implement the platform, making the transition easy for the instructors. Lessons are self-paced to accommodate students of virtually any skill or ability.

Jett and JettLingo delivers on the promise to make STEM education more affordable and available to nearly every school district and private school in the country. Every child deserves a chance to pursue their passion for technology and engage in STEM disciplines to better prepare for career opportunities in the STEM-fields.