Low or High – income, education should be equal for all | Robots4STEM

EdTech’s recent article, As Connectivity Improves, The Digital Divide Persists in Teacher Tech Preparation, reports on the difference between technical resources available in low- and high-income area schools. EdTech cited Education Week’s 20th annual Technology Counts survey, which revealed that many schools are struggling to provide teachers with adequate training in computer science-related fields. This issue is further compounded in states where low- and high-income areas border each other.

In addition to the limited number of computer teachers and the rise in technology, EdTech pointed out how Internet access has become a necessity that many schools may not be able to afford due to lack of funding. However, the United States Federal Communication Commission (FCC) 2016 survey shows 88 percent of schools reached the required 100kbps per student. Even with poor Internet connection and sparse funding, children shouldn’t have to miss out on education that could give them career opportunities in the growing technology market.

Aware of the growing issue schools face to provide knowledgeable professionals to teach the next generation of skilled labor, several organizations have stepped up to provide a solution. Among the tech giants doing so is the robotics education company RoboKind, whose cost-effective platform, Robots4STEM, stands out and can fit within a school’s tight budgetary confines.

The program works with the resources a school already has and allows for teachers with limited computer knowledge to foster students’ interest in technology. The easy-to-understand classroom-ready modules aren’t just engaging; students are also able to take ownership of their learning through self-paced lessons. Robots4STEM’s virtual environment is accessible from anywhere and on any device that has WiFi access, meaning students can even use their smartphones if a computer isn’t available.

Regardless of whether a school is in a low- or high-income area, kids should receive the same education and opportunities. This thinking is what drives school districts and educators to search for solutions that are both feasible and in line with their goals. RoboKind understands the limitations faced by schools today and created Robots4STEM as that much-needed solution for more effective instruction in computer science- and tech-related areas.

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