What is Robots4STEM?

Robots4STEM is a collection of courses that leverage avatars and humanoid robots to teach learners of all ages how to program, improve problem-solving skills, understand logical design, and increase creativity.

What is JettLingo?

JettLingo is a drag-and-drop visual coding language designed for students in grades 3-5. JettLingo helps students learn the logic of programming in a safe and friendly environment.

Who is Jett?

Jett comes in 2 forms: avatar and robot. Using the avatar students can test their program in a virtual environment. Once the student has tested their code, their program can be run on a robot.

What are the benefits of Robots4STEM?

Robots4STEM allows students to see the effects their code has in real life, through the actions of the robot.

How many lessons are there in JettLingo?

The summer pilot course contains over 20 lessons, and more courses will be available with the next release.

How do students learn?

JettLingo is designed to work in: structured, self-paced lessons, pair-programming, or group projects. Students learn from robot-assisted standards-based projects.

What do students learn?

JettLingo teaches students how to Improve problem-solving skills, understand logical design, increase creativity, story boarding, and the basics of computer science.

What can Jett do?

Both the Jett avatar and robot have:

  • Full Range of Motion: He can move his arms and legs, and students can even help him learn new dance moves.
  • Full Range of Emotion: Jett can appear happy, sad, angry, or have fun making silly faces.
  • Full Range of Speech: You can program him to have a conversation, tell a joke, or deliver instructions
Is it only for classroom use?

Robots4STEM is developed to allow learners to work in both a classroom or in the home.

What kind of equipment do I need?

You only need a computer (PC, MAC, or Chromebook), and an internet connection.

Does a teacher require prior computer science or coding knowledge?

Teachers don’t need to be tech savvy to work with Jett. JettLingo comes with pre-made lessons for the classroom.

What kind of prerequisites does a student need?

Students gradually learn more about programming and the JettLingo interface as they progress through the course. This process was developed to ensure that students need no prior programming experience. Students will just need enthusiasm and a basic understanding of written and spoken English.


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