The education journey: Why educators should focus on the process of learning

By Dr. Gregory Firn, COO Children begin learning immediately after birth. From their first words, to first steps and first day of pre-school, they’re filled with an innate curiosity that’s only satiated by engaging in their own unique problem-solving schemas: Hungry? Mom must have food. Tired? Time for a nap (or a meltdown). Bored? Dinosaur Train is only a click away. Each child has his or her own process for attaining the same result, whether it’s to eat, sleep or have fun. Maybe one hungry child finds a way to sneak a few cookies before dinner while another prefers an orange. Both children have attained the same goal, yet chose different processes to do so. This learned ability to choose their own path to achieve a goal changes the moment they step through their classroom doors. Most K-12 schools are destination-based environments, where the process doesn’t matter as much as the...